Aboard the Titanic

imagesCAYZVEG5The year was 1912. Ruth Becker, the twelve-year-old daughter of a missionary in India, left for America with her family in order to find a cure for her little brother’s illness. The family journeyed to England, then on to New York aboard the RMS Titanic.

But India was the only home Ruth had ever known. In a matter of days, she had to leave her world behind and face the unknown, culminating in the voyage aboard the ill-fated Titanic. What took place on the long journey to England? And what was it like for a young girl aboard the greatest ocean liner ever built?

When the great ship sank and Ruth was separated from her family, she managed to help and comfort strangers in her lifeboat. What took place on the voyage that gave Ruth the courage she needed on that cold, dark night?

In my yet-unpublished novel, The Stars in April, you can read about the adventures of the real Ruth Becker. She truly was one of the many heroes during the greatest sea disaster in history.

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