Disaster in the Andes

In 1985, Joe Simpson and Simon Yates attempted to climb a 21,000 foot peak in the Andes Mountains of South America. The experienced climbers set out with all the proper equipment, warm clothing, food to sustain them, cameras, and a wary eye on the ever-changing weather. Then, in the middle of scaling an almost vertical ice ledge, Joe fell and broke his leg. Simon tried to help, but was forced to cut the rope the two shared to prevent being pulled to his own death. He returned to base camp, filled with guilt for abandoning Joe and grieving over the certain death of his friend.


But Joe managed to survive, crawling for three days back to the camp with his broken leg, starving and cold. In Touching the Void, Joe Simpson tells his own miraculous story of survival and what it took to do the impossible. Full color photos of the two climbers and their ordeal complete this amazing true tale. Not only is it another story of what man can accomplish through pure guts and determination, but what God can and will do for us when disaster strikes and we have nowhere to turn but to Him.

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