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  1. While I was waiting–trying to find the right agent for my first book–I read voraciously, wrote smaller pieces for magazine and online publication, and networked with fellow authors at the Florida Writers Association. Ultimately I opted for indie publishing with CreateSpace, and never looked back. I wish you the best with your quest Peggy, and also with that townhouse!

  2. Dear Miss Peggy,
    Your article about the Titanic & Sarah Roth is wonderfully written. I enjoyed the exciting memories as I read them.

    It has come to this families attention, the records need to be clarified with some undisclosed facts.

    Sarah Roth had 3 brothers, one of which was Harry Roth. He & his wife had 2 children, Viola & Arthur. Sarah was their aunt.

    My dad is Arthur Roth & he is still alive at 96 years old.

    With that being brouht to light, Sarah Roth Iles would have been a Great Aunt to myself, my siblings (Pamela & Charles) & Viola Roth Durand’s children (Louise, Janet, Joyce & Carolyn).

    Viola Roth, Harry Roth daughter, would play with Sarah & Daniel’s child in Conn. ( I have pictures)

    As children, we would hear of her journey to the US & the marriage to Daniel Iles

    Her legacy should live on in a manner that includes other family members.

    Thank you for your attention to this information.

    • Thank you so much for contacting me and sharing information about your family! I’m so glad to hear from you and will be happy to set the record straight. The information I included in the post came from books and the Internet, and sometimes the ” facts” out there about Titanic and its passengers are incorrect. Janet Durand also reached out to me. I will rewrite the article soon and include the information you’ve given me. ❤

      • Thank you for responding regarding Sarah Roth Iles & her journey on the Titanic 1912. Attached is a website that you might want to refer to.


        It is an answer to a young student needing information for a school report about Miss Sarah Roth. Taken from the Milford Citizen Newspaper on July 10, 1947, it states the funeral arrangement and obituary when she passed on July 4, 1947. The last line notes those surviving her, her husband, a son, Albert and 2 brothers, Harry Roth & Samuel Roth.

        Harry Roth (Sarah’s brother) was my grandfather; my father’s father, Arthur Roth, 95 who is alive & living in Simpsonville, SC. Harry Roth & his wife (Marguerite Glass Roth) had 2 children, Arthur & Viola. Sarah was and aunt to these children. (Viola was Janet Durand’s mother). Sarah, would be great aunt. to those still living; 6 nieces & one nephew & the aunt of my father, Arthur Roth.

        I have other information regarding Albert Iles & the marriage to Mary (which gets complicated, as Mary had a child from a previous marriage & did not have any children with Albert) The Connecticut family many have cared for & viewed Albert as their “grandfather” but they are not blood related to the Roth family.

        Again, I thank you for your attention & quick responce & hope this information is helpful.

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